First Name :   Tania
Address :   New York
Comment :   Land of Buddha is a very special place. To everyone it will reveal something different. For me and for my beloved it turned out to be the place we found beautiful rings with scripture to seal our love for each other. Dawas warm heart and compassionate way
First Name :   Blake
Address :   1299 Stevens st
Comment :   Happy to be here
First Name :   Debby
Address :   1310 14th st Lakewood NJ 08701
First Name :   Mary
Address :   4552 Cherrywood Ct., Muskegon, MI 49441
Comment :   We just visited your shop for the second time and it was one of the highlights, once again, of our visit to Manhattan. We look forward to the next time!
First Name :   Jerry
Address :   2630 Kingsbridge Terrace
Comment :   Today I went to Land of Buddha and the experience was fantastic. I purchased a pair of mala beads that are very nice and I do plan on going back very soon. The singing bowl will be my next item as the shop owner showed me the calmness that emits from insi
First Name :   Alexey
Address :   
Comment :   Thank you for making our first singing bowl buying experience very pleasant! We loved the atmosphere of the store and the variety of interesting items. Also, thank you for the lesson on how to play the singing bowl. We love the antique hand hammered one t
First Name :   
Address :   
Comment :   Greetings Dawa! Show Details It was such a pleasure to meet you a little over a week ago. You have such a wonderful store and you are such a wonderful spirit! I would like to join your mailing list. Thank you. Kind regards, Diane Lyras
First Name :   rulon
Email :
Comment :   thank you for showing me your singing bowls today. it was a pleasure to listen to them and feel the one large one on my head. i will be visiting again to purchase one for my acupuncture practice room. take care, rulon
First Name :   Kim
Email :
Comment :   Home away from home!!
First Name :   Manny
Email :
Comment :   Dawa, I love the singing bowl. The meditation c-d is great too. Just signed up on mailing list. Regards-Manny
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