First Name :   mark clemen
Topic :   food
Comment :   you have to go a long way to find an atmosphere and quality of food that freeze frame bowl puts out!!!everybody that works there are allways on there game.signed; SOON TO BE LONG TIME CUSTOMER!!MARK CLEMEN
First Name :   
Topic :   Thank you
Comment :   I just had to tell you how much the Butler County ACS Relay for Life Committee really appreciates it when you donate pizzas. That is a very good thing you do!
First Name :   Jackie Wadey
Topic :   Hi to all...
Comment :   Cant wait to see you all again soon, what a nice place you have, and you are all so friendly...
First Name :   
Topic :   
Comment :   Happy Birthday CLARK from SFC DEAN AVERY in Camp Arifjan, Kuwait Found you on yahoo events page see ya in 6 months...Tell Mike Ames Hi if you run across him..
First Name :   Tracy & Heather
Topic :   
Comment :   We need to get there and see ya guys! Been too long! Good Job on it all guys
First Name :   Joni
Topic :   
Comment :   I am interested in a career as a pro-bowler - however- at just under 59 years old I am a little concerned that I am too old to start...what is your opinion? Remember 60 is the new the way your website is awesome!
First Name :   Jeannie
Topic :   
Comment :   Clark: Website really cool, you are making your mark in Greene, Shayne too. Great work, wish I were there to enjoy and learn to bowl again.
First Name :   Jack
Topic :   
First Name :   Bill
Topic :   
Comment :   We greatly enjoy ourselves whenever we come out!!!Thank You!!!
First Name :   Shelli
Topic :   
Comment :   Awesome job on this website!!!
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