Date :   7/5/2020
Name :   Martha
Comments :   Its great to have these photos and letter saved online! Thanks for the memories!!
Date :   01/25/2005
Name :   Kevin
Comments :   Hey Guys, This is such an interesting page to visit. I like the winter photographs because they are so beautifully composed and a pleasure for the eye. Fortunately I cant feel the cold temperatures through the electrons. I like visiting your site to see t
Date :   1/26/05
Name :   King David
Comments :   I loved to pictures of the snow! Im sure Dianne loved it too! :) Talk later! DJ xox
Name :   Jennifer Guillory
Comments :   Hello Aunt Dianne and Martha, What a nice job on the web site! I enjoyed looking at the pictures. Hope to see yall soon!
Name :   Elaine and Maggi
Comments :   We LOVED the pictures. It sure made me think of home and all. It was nice to see David. I havent seen him in ages. Thanks for sharing.
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