Name :   Rick Helm
Comment :   Foal, I mean.
Name :   Rick Helm
Comment :   We own a 70 acre horse farm in Pekin IN. and we have 7 gaited horses(and a foe on the way). Thanks for your site and we love the vids. I got goosebumps watching the fast walkers.
Name :   Jr Shupe
Comment :   Good seeing you guys Saturday
Name :   curtis seymore
Comment :   U all have very nice horses!
Name :   Rebecca Reinhart
Comment :   See you on the trails. Humboldt, Illinois
Name :   Sonny Smith
URL :   
Comment :   Nice Stallions, looking to AI one of my TWH mares to Floyed later this year if you ship.
Name :   ladonest
URL :   
Comment :   I really like your horses
Name :   Karri Krambs
URL :   
Comment :   Hoping you guys have a great time at Big Guns. I wish Rose, Robin and I were going. We are planing on your ride in June so will see you then.
Name :   Onvetta
URL :   
Comment :   Planning to join you in 2010 at MTR.Looking forward to seeing these horses.
Name :   David Brock
URL :   
Comment :   Hey Chris,Susie Thanks for being so kind.
Name :   Brandi Conn-Davis
Comment :   Nice website. Yall have some pretty nice horses. Im a Pretty Boy Floyde fan... like everyone else!
Name :   shane westley
URL :   
Comment :   I need to find out to how revestion
Name :   ladonest anderson
URL :   
Comment :   i like your pictures that you have
Name :   kevin brown
URL :   357
Comment :   
Name :   byron boles
Comment :   i love all your horses i wish i could afford one LOL keep up the good work
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