First Name :   Janica
Favorite games? :   everytihing from candyland to rpgs
Favorite adventures? :   
Comments :   Saw two of your games at Phoenix Festival and want both of them! I see your scarabs and scorpions game is available for purchase, but what about the Asian-themed game. Cant remember the name, but something like Kotu? Thanks, Janica jycarter@samford

First Name :   Michael
Favorite games? :   Trivia Pursuit, Yahtzee, Scattergories, Monopoly
Favorite adventures? :   Inventing and discovering things. To explore the unknown.
Comments :   It was great meeting you today Tony. Looking forward to our partnership together with Make Good Choices and the Gamealogical Institute.

First Name :   Deane
Favorite games? :   Battlestar Galactica board game, Memoir 44, Diplomacy, Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan, Anachronism, and list goes on and on...
Favorite adventures? :   White Plume Mountain from the Original Dungeons and Dragons.
Comments :   So your game institute in passin on the PIP campaing Facebook page and my interest was piqued by the game Tacticum. Thought I would pay the website a visit.

First Name :   GWilder
Favorite games? :   
Favorite adventures? :   
Comments :   Thanks so much for coming out to our Benefit Concert and the donation made by Gamelogical Institute. Thanks from the Maytown Volunteer Fire Department.

First Name :   Hillary
Favorite games? :   Space alert, pandemic, small world, balloon cup, apples to apples, scarabs and scorpions (yes really)
Favorite adventures? :   anything involving games, jewelry or chocolate ;)... oh, and the wine tour I go on with family once a year ;)
Comments :   My husband and I met you at POC, and was just checking the site today and noticed that you said that attendance at POC2 seemed low. The con may not have had large numbers compared with other conventions you went to, but, as Dan posted in the LiveJournal g

First Name :   Robert
Favorite games? :   scarab and scorpian
Favorite adventures? :   
Comments :   Saw you at Imagicon. Have game ideas.

First Name :   Dave
Favorite games? :   War strategy
Favorite adventures? :   
Comments :   I saw you at imagicon. I enjoyed your display and purchased virulant. Question? In Hourglass if you run out of cards do you draw 3 more from the pile?

First Name :   jasmine(Hardees)
Email or URL :   jasmine.kaiyalynn64@gmail
Comment :   Just stopping by to check out the games!
Favorite games? :   
Favorite adventure? :   

First Name :   greg
Email or URL :
Comment :   Looks good bro!
Favorite games? :   backgammon, Xiongqi
Favorite adventure? :   everyday

First Name :   Rod
Email or URL :   
Comment :   Saw your post on BGG. Ill send you a note. Looks like an auspicious beginning for your site!
Favorite games? :   Any Tom Wham game
Favorite adventure? :   Wilderness hiking

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