First Name :   Stacy
Comment :   I recommend this pre-school to any perspective parents in the East Mountain area. The teachers are wonderful and the curriculum is fantastic. I feel like my children are safe and respected at this school.

First Name :   Jaclyn McCutcheon
Comment :   My son Jace attended Smarty Pants for a year and a half before starting school. He and his fellow class mates at Smarty Pants seem to be the most adjusted and prepared for kindergarten. I am so happy that we sent Jace to preschool and are working to send

First Name :   Manon Lujan
Comment :   As a Child Developmental Specialist, I had high expectations when looking for a preschool to enroll my daughter in. Smarty Pants preschool not only met those expectations but exceeded them!

First Name :   Miss Elizabeth
Comment :   At Smarty Pants Preschool we encourage open dialogue with our customers and value your feedback. Please leave us a comment or write a review regarding your experience with our preschool. Just click on Sign Guestbook to begin.

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